Sunday, 28 August 2011

The One Thing That Quiets My OCD - What about everyone else?

After my last post I am wondering what other fellow bloggers like to create?

I have met so many other sufferers and they all seem to have a really creative side and it is so inspiring to see what others can make and how relaxing it is. Sometimes I find it difficult to focus on something for a long period of time, or half way through I am desperate to start another project and I end in an argument with myself over it 'No, I am not going to start another project!' and then a few days later, 'Okay, Just one more project for now, but I will finish the other one while I work on this!'

I think that it is addictive but in a good way to make something, especially for gifts. I love to see the expression and it makes all of the time and effort worth it. Last year I took out my crochet needle and about 15 balls of yarn and a few months later I had a blanket that was gifted to my husbands grandmother. I am just in the process of putting together another blanket for my newly born nephew. I will only post photos of the previous blanket once it has been received, I don't want to spoil the surprise.

I would love to see what others create, although it is an OCD blog, crafting really pushes aside my OCD, even just for an hour. The quiet in my mind is bliss. I think that crafting deserves a place on this OCD blog, mainly because I find that it helps to get through some days.


  1. Hi Maggie,

    It wasn't until you posted about the therapeutic benefits of creating and crafting that I began to understand why I enjoy crafting so much. It does indeed quiet my mind!

    I always feel like I've gone into a quiet and creative place where I feel happy and inspired and then afterwards, I feel content with my creations. And most of mine are gifts.

    For instance, I will create several knitted scarves and hats and just gift them because I don't need them. It makes me feel good to make something and it makes me feel good to give it away.

    I actually wrote a blog post about how I love to create back in May. You can read it here if you want:


  2. I do some crafts, sometimes; knitting, painting, working on my dollhouse, decorating something with stickers. I also do puzzles - the jigsaw puzzle kind and the word search kind. Sometimes the jigsaw puzzle kind is so relaxing. I have one I started yesterday and I'm looking forward to working on it more today.

  3. Puzzles are a favourite during the winter months Always with several mugs of hot chocolate!

    I always end up doing the crosswords and sudokus in the Sunday paper if I am at the inlaws, I used to have a book of them and I don't know why I didn't get another when it was finished, now I know what to add to the shopping list :)


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