Friday, 26 August 2011

The Glitter Incident Was Worth It - Even though this card has no glitter on it

This one is the first of my creations and I think it is not bad for a beginner! Although.. I think something is missing but I don't want to clutter the card. Should I leave it as it is or is it missing something? Any suggestions or thoughts?

I have to admit that this arts and crafts thing has been very relaxing but I end up making the biggest mess in the history of glitter incidents. I don't know if I should stick to knitting and crocheting? No chance of knocking over the pile of card that knocked over the glitter that knocked over the glue :)

The best part of this was that for a little while I felt alright. I didn't have thoughts, compulsions or worries. I felt calm and I listened to music until the battery on my ipod died and then noticing that it was after 9:30pm and that I completely lost track of time and we had a very very late dinner. Not a good idea to eat late at night, worse than drinking an extra large coffee moments before bed! Lesson learnt.


  1. As a fellow card maker, I say leave it as is, for it is BEAUTIFUL! I love it! It is simple, elegant and very festive. I really do love it! You've got talent, Maggie!


  2. I find that "crafting" really helps with OCD too. Right now I'm waiting to be inspired by something....knitting? Pottery? Maybe card-making! Yours looks great!!!


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