Friday, 19 August 2011

OCD Didn't Show Up For Cake

I don't usually celebrate my birthday but today I found in my own little way how much I enjoyed a day that was just about me.

I just stayed at home, ate endless slices of cake and drank endless cups of tea. I just relaxed, wrote a letter to a dear friend and drank some more tea. I had so many birthday wishes, more than I ever had before and I feel happy inside. It was a very good day. It turns out people do care and I have to remember just that and this feeling. In case my ocd tries to rob me of this little bit of happiness I am just writing this out. You are wrong ocd, people do care and now it is printed. I wont be forgetting this.

I am trying not to feel guilty for doing just what I wanted to do today. Stay indoors out of the damp weather, do some laundry and I went a step further and tore apart the closet in the bedroom. It was a very nice birthday indeed! Now I just have a lot of other cleaning to do and I am going to go against every temptation of sorting it all out. I am leaving it and I will deal with it later! This feels nice, relaxed .. you would almost think that I could be on some medication already but I am not.

I didn't see any family or friends today but that is ok. I will see them all at some point but today was just a day for me. I would like more of those please!

So the rest of my plans, well it is just after 11:30pm so I am going to go put the bath on, pour in a good amount of bubble bath and find a book. A midnight bath to finish off my birthday, bliss.

Does it count that I was born in Canada, so I technically have another 5 hours of birthday left after midnight, with the time difference and all.

Hello year 24, nice to meet you. Maybe this year could be a productively fun one. I will shake your non existant hand or is that just me shaking my own hand? Either way. Nice to meet you!


  1. Sounds like you had a perfect birthday, Maggie!

    I love midnight bubble baths with a good book!

    I'm glad you had a lovely day.

    Lady Delphinium-

  2. Yay! It can be hard to just enjoy a day, but I'm glad you did it. And wrote it down. I think you can definately add five hours. :)


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