Friday, 26 August 2011

Bill, Bill, Junk Mail, Package, Confidential Letter???

When this mornings mail came through our door I was really happy to see that the c.d that my husband ordered for me for my birthday had finally came through the post but there was a little brown envelope too 'strictly confidential' written on the front and below, my name and address.

I was nervous to open it. I decided to open the package with the c.d in it first so I could feel happy before the dread of what the letter could hold. I thought the letter was another demand to attend a back to work meeting that I have been harassed about attending (even though I can't get out of my house to attend, or have anyone come into my home to hold the meeting)

Any who, it wasn't that! It was actually the letter through for treatment!

September 1st is the big day and I am in complete shock. The idea of 10 weeks was unbearable but I just tried to stay positive and somehow lady luck came through with my mail.

I am full of the 'what ifs' at this point though, all negative what ifs. It is just like OCD to turn around something good into something that has every awful scenario in my mind but I am still happy that I finally have an appointment. Finally getting somewhere, as long as this therapist knows what she is doing.

I don't know how to change the time that shows up when I post these blogs, but it is after 1am and I really should get ready for bed.

Oh, and I also made my first Christmas card, I will post photos of it soon! I think that it looks awesome.


  1. Hi Maggie,

    That is great news about getting to begin therapy so soon! And yes, it is so like OCD to turn something good into something scary. Hang in there.


  2. Thats great! 10 weeks down to a less than 1! :] What cd did you get in the mail? And cant wait to see the christmas card!!

  3. Elizabeth - It is just typical OCD isn't it, to turn something great into something dreaded. I think that all that I can do is tell myself it is positive every time the what ifs come to mind.

    Fage - I am still completely shocked about the difference in the time frame, I really hope that anyone else seeking treatment gets that nice surprise! Also, The cd is Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dream. It had been on the list to buy for years, glad I finally got it!

    Abigail - I really really hope it goes well too, I am looking forward to keeping everyone updated on every part of the treatment and every outcome. At the moment I feel very good about it and that this could very well be a good turn around :)


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