About Me

Making an 'about me' page is somewhat difficult. You can imagine how many times I have written paragraph after paragraph to only delete every word written but that is alright with me because I do actually enjoy writing. I just don't enjoy speaking about myself but this page has its reason and it has its place so here it goes. Funny enough, about me has already begun!

My name is Margaret, middle name Elizabeth and for some a hard to figure out how to pronounce last name. I feel that its better to leave the last name unknown to the online world.

I grew up in a small town in rural Canada, but then again which parts of Canada are not rural. It was beautiful and sometimes I miss it. I moved to Scotland just before I turned 19. I left my family and friends behind and started a new life with who was then just my Scottish boyfriend who turned fiance and now husband. I don't regret my move. I would have moved further if it meant that I could live the rest of my life with my now husband Nick.

I am also a vegetarian. A vegetarian who is allergic to dairy. No other allergies, just dairy. I don't mind being allergic to dairy because I find cows milk revolting anyways. I would never preach to anyone about being vegetarian. I feel that it is a very personal choice and the vegetarians who do all of the preaching are just as revolting as cows milk, in my opinion.

I love to read, if I had a job in a library I would be hidden between the book cases with stacks of books around me like a little fort. I would just need a few pillows to complete it.         

I am always in the middle of reading something. At the moment my favourite book is The World According to Garp by John Irving. I think that at the moment I would fall in love with anything written by John Irving. I have only so far have read two of his books with the other one being Owen Meany. I have not been disappointed but I have found myself gripping onto each word and occasionally tears will roll down my cheeks but only briefly.

I love spending my time reading and writing and just speaking about environmental issues brings up my unconditional love for mother nature. I love everything about her and I would never knowingly do anything to harm her.

Speaking of nature, I enjoy it. I love being out in the countryside away, far far away from the annoying buzz of the city. Breathing in clean air and enjoying every bit of scenery and trying to remember to take it all in.

I also enjoy gardening and on a good day that I am able to get out I can be found at my in laws working away in the garden there. Only because at the moment I lack a garden of my own. I have a paralyzing fear of spiders that I spot indoors so as long as they are outside they don't bother me as much. I still keep my distance though!

And on the days where I am tucked away safely inside my home I enjoy a good movie. I am not a fan of the typical American family comedy. I enjoy watching foreign movies with the subtitles. I really don't mind the subtitles but the story is always so much more exciting and your always left thinking while reading and when it finishes your always left with your thoughts. I also like the old black and white movies. I love where society was at the time of the movies made and I love that it shows where we are today and how much has changed but I am always left wishing that some things didn't change.

My favourite colour is green and my favourite food are french fries, or as they call them in the UK 'chips' I can never grow tired of those fried things, especially topped with vinegar, salt and ketchup! But it has to be in that order. I like my ketchup in a glass bottle, I don't like the squeeze plastic bottles.

On the last note I have OCD. Yes, my blog is all about my day to day with OCD but I left it last to say on my about me. It isn't who I was but it has turned my life into complete chaos. It is worth mentioning how destructive mental illness really is. I get angry when the issue of mental illness is taken so lightly that it becomes a joke to some and for others a complete misconception of what mental illness really is and how it affects the sufferers and the loved ones around them.

OCD isn't just about cleaning until your home and desk at work are spotless and organised. No, I am not just 'a bit OCD' about cleaning my home or making sure the labels on cans and jars all face the same way in my cupboards. I won't write a great deal in my About Me page about my OCD since my blog is all about my daily life with this illness and I am not my illness. My brain doesn't function the same way as someone without the illness and that alone can't make me a bad person. I didn't choose to be this way and at the start of each day I try my best to deal with it but by the end of the day I am completely worn out from it alone.

So far, this is me.
Oh, I forgot to mention music. I love listening to music and who doesn't?
Oh, and I am the youngest of my siblings. 'The baby of the family' is what I have been called through out my entire life. I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters.