Friday, 12 August 2011

Meeting The New Doc

So this is just a quick blog. I am up and almost ready to go out in some of the dampest rainiest weather out there and meet what could be my new doctor.

I had one of the best doctors and unfortunately she finished up at the practice and I need to find someone to replace her. I don't feel like I will find someone half as good and to be honest .. it is really hard to talk about your ocd all over again to another doctor. It is a bit frustrating and thankfully there are my records that she will see before she calls me into her office, also a note of me calling the practice yesterday because I was a bag of nerves about meeting her for this appointment. I still am.

There is a lot about today that I feel uncomfortable with. The main one being the new doctor and I am really hoping that it goes well and the receptionist that I spoke to yesterday was lovely and very reassuring and told me what the doctor was like and what I should expect. I know that it is said that we shouldn't be reassured but if it wasn't for that yesterday I would have likely done what I did last Monday - Cancelled. I wont cancel again though. I really need to do this and I need to know that I can do this.


  1. Good luck! Let us know how it went!!

  2. Hi,

    I don't agree with the theory that we should never be reassursured-- after all we are only human and there are certain sitations where reassurance is called for. Like for you calling and speaking to the receptionist. I think that is a different case from asking over and over again for reassurance about an obsessive thought.

    Good luck and please let us know how it goes. Going to the doctor is always stressful for me and I don't know how I'd cope if I had to switch doctors for whatever reason at this point.

    Lady Delphinium from

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