Monday, 21 November 2011

Left Foot Left Foot Left Right right...right...left left??? foot?? huh?

This morning was a morning of routine. Nick is back to work after 9 days of holidays and that means I am back to crawling out of bed at the same time - Although I wait until he is in the shower before my sorry excuse for crawling out of bed could be viewed. What has happened to me? I am a morning person! I love morning, I love the crack of dawn, the sunrise, the crisp air and the quiet! Morning is the best time to get things done so why did I crawl back into bed after Nick left for work. No, not only did I crawl back into bed but I took Northanger Abbey with me and I switched on the electric blanket. I read for about an hour and started to feel my eyes gain weight. I switched off the book and blanket and I closed my eyes. I woke up at 11:00 and it felt like a guilty pleasure.

My day is slowly getting there. The laundry is on and I have attempted Zumba. Thankfully on the wii with all blinds and curtains shut! I tripped over my feet countless times, laughed at myself and now I feel tired out. Time for a cup of tea and catching up with Jane Austen. Oh, I still have housework to do but that work out has left me exhausted! If I ever have trouble sleeping at night I will just attempt to stumble over my legs - I would make a terrible centipede or anything with more than two feet! I don't think that I could bring myself to attend a class. I would die of embarrassment and shame and I would likely knock over everyone else with my stumbling. Can stumbling be a new dance? I think so, I have mastered it, I am a pro! No rhythm needed, no sense of direction and most of all its a work out on its own!

Anywho. Now that I am up and able and putting away this zumba disaster I am bringing out the photos of St Andrews.
I just love old buildings!

Nick and I at the beach. No, definitely not bikini weather in November!

I wanted to walk down the path and see the view of the beach
but it was private property, so I took a photo of the plaque instead!

The castle ruins. We didn't go through to tour them this time,
I would like to save it until family and friends visit.

One of the university buildings, there was so many it was
hard to keep track of! I envy those students!

Love the fall colours!

A happy detour. Slightly lost at one point thanks
to my weak bladder. It was worth it.

The golf course. Of course. tehehe.

Inverkeithing ... or as I called it .. Incarthinking.

I love not being able to pronounce the names of the places,
Not! .. I end up with Incarthinking and Nick will never let that
one down!

Who knew that golf could be so dangerous!


  1. Beautiful photos! I think all that stumbling would wear me out, too1 ; )

  2. I am a "stumbler" too when it comes to Zumba or any aerobic routine which is why I don't attend group classes :-)

    Yes, Golf can be dangerous! I don't know why people choose to live on golf courses, I have heard a lot of stories of the balls crashing thru windows.

    I also love old buildings!

    Your pictures are all so beautiful!

    It sounds like you had a lovely holiday with your red headed Scottish hubby :-)


  3. I think that I may attempt Zumba again .. once the pain from all of that stumbling goes away! who know stumbling could be just as dangerous as golf! :)

  4. Wow! These photos are stunning! I want to go there! I'm right with you on the stumbling. As I heard someone say once, "No one ever called me grace."

  5. Hi Maggie...

    I see you left me a comment a few days ago --this is my first real computer time this weekend so I am just now responding and I left you two comments on NA and Owen Meany on my blog :-)



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