Monday, 28 November 2011

I wrote my mother, I wrote my father, And now I'm writing you too. I'm sure of mother, I'm sure of father, And now I want to be sure of you.

Is it really nearing the end of November already?? It only feels like the month has just started!

I am sitting here at the kitchen table with the laptop and Archie is chasing around bits of paper on the floor. Who needs to buy 'cat toys' when you can give them paper and half an hour later I will find him curled up somewhere napping after being played out. Who am I kidding, half an hour??! more like 5 minutes.

The Andrew Sisters is in the back round during my frantic cleaning session that has been abruptly distracted with my blog this morning. My constantly viral and side effects have kept me from dusting and doing the usual household chores for almost a month. The flat is still clean to look at but if you go looking for dirt it will be found but after today you will not even find a cat hair. As long as all distractions are at bay.

I want to get ready to decorate for Christmas but I promised Nick that I would wait until the first of December but it has not stopped me from putting out a Christmas themed dish cloth and a few other little things. I am not ready to face the spider infested hall closet to reach the tree. I am so not ready to face that closet that my Halloween decorations are still sitting in the hallway. I struggle so much to leave the flat that I cannot even get myself out into the outside/inside closet! I couldn't even tell you the last time I took out the garbage or washed the patio and with the high winds one of my climbing plants have toppled over and I will need to trim it back - When - I do not know.

It will be a busy day of cleaning and that I am looking forward to. It feels like old productive me with a hint of the usual distraction. I am also working on a skirt for the tree, sewing on little white beads and embroidering snowflakes and seeing what else I can do with a large piece of leftover midnight blue fabric. I have the fabric bought to make our own Christmas stockings too and the snaps for some handmade crackers! Now I just need to find my creativity. I am sure that I stuffed it in a drawer with everything else, including a bill that is now overdue (oops..)

Oh and I need to finish making the Christmas cards and find my address book which has also been stuffed into a drawer somewhere and make sure that they are sent for the first of the month. I hope that I can make time for Charlotte Bronte and a cup of tea tonight!


  1. I love The Andrew Sisters!

    You have GOT to post a picture of the tree skirt you are making! It sounds beautiful! I love midnight blue.. in fact, my tree skirt is midnight blue with silver sparkles.

    Gosh, I am sorry you are still feeling so under the weather.

    What Charlotte Bronte book are you going to read? I love the Brontes so much.


  2. It sounds like you are getting so much done! And I'm with Elizabeth--please post a photo of the tree skirt. It sounds lovely! Hope you feel better soon. I think making time for Bronte and tea will help!

  3. I'm glad you are feeling productive. I, too, can't wait to see that tree skirt. I really need to start cracking out my decorations, but really haven't felt up to it. I think my get-up-and-go is stuck in one of those drawers with your creativity and address book. Darn, there are just too many drawers. : (

  4. I just read your comments on my blog and I just watched the clip from Becoming Jane and yes, that scene melts my heart :-)

    Becoming Jane is one of my very favorite movies. I have watched it-- I don't know how many times, I just love it. I always cry at the end when she and James McAvoy meet and he introduces her to his daughter.... oh it just really tugs at my heart strings.

    Did you know that movie really is based on truth? Jane really did have a "flirtation" with a "boxer from Ireland" named Tom Lefroy. It isn't known whether or not they ran away to get married but something powerful did happen between the two of them. You can read more here:

    I have a huge crush on Laurence Fox who played Wisley. I am a huge fan of him on the mystery series Inspector Lewis and even though he is rather dorky in Becoming Jane, I still think he is sooooooooo handsome!

  5. I tried to post a comment earlier but for some reason it would not post, has anyone else had any problems with blogspot?

    I am going to read Jane Eyre and hopefully soon I can watch the movie but not until I read the book first.

    I am looking forward to posting a photo of the tree skirt, sort of a little big project but hopefully I can have it finished by the time the tree goes up.

    Kat, there are far too many drawers! I have 3 address books (all the times I have misplaced the last one) and I cannot find any of them! This has got to prove that having OCD doesn't mean that we are organised!

    I cry at the end of Becoming Jane too, it is just so sad but a wonderful movie. I wanted to curl up and watch it in bed the other night but I only have it on Bluray and the only thing I could play it on is in the living room, I went for my Marilyn Monroe boxset instead and watched Love Nest and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes :)

    Thank you for the link, I will bookmark it to go with a cup of tea after dinner. I heard that it was based on truth, and parts of her other novels are played out in the movie, I suppose the part where Catherine is sent away without explaination and it is down to the lie that John Thorp told General Tilney, that part had me thinking back to the part in Becoming Jane, if only her ending was the same as Catherines.

    Laurence Fox is certainly handsome! But I have to admit my crush on James McAvoy from the first appearance he made in the British 'Shameless'


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