Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Hectic Before Christmas - I thought that Christmas was hectic enough on it's own.

It has been a very hectic time and with Christmas around the corner the hectic days have not stopped despite constantly resting, but then again I cannot sit still and my mind races a million miles a minute and spending much of the time on the couch I started another one of my many 'projects'

I had to put my tree skirt aside, sewing on so many tiny beads had made me feel a bit sickly, a motion sickness type feeling and that was very odd, as reading in the car and doing jigsaw puzzles are the only other things that give me the same queasy feeling!
I will slowly get the tree skirt done, I may need to take a stomach tablet before starting it again.

I did how ever manage to crochet a baby blanket in just under 3 days. I started on one night and in 2 hours I had 10 squares made. The next day a total of 32 and last night 48 and put together and the border done. It was all very last minute but I wanted to gift a blanket to Nicks cousins baby girl and I could not find one that I liked enough to gift and I am pleased that I went ahead with the little project. I will post a photo after it has been gifted, I don't want to risk giving away the surprise! I hope that they like it *Fingers crossed!*

Today I must try to rest, properly rest. Give my hands a break and try to calm my mind. Who am I kidding though? Even when I have to sit and rest I find something to do while I 'rest' I really cannot bring myself to sit still, I fear that I am wasting time with just resting! why not do something while resting? is that still considered resting?

Alright, before I start to go on too much about this resting malarky, here are the photos from my triumph of a walk along the canal!



  1. Oh, how beautiful! No wonder you love to walk there! I can imagine how fresh and clean the air must be. Snow makes it perfect. I wish we had snow in my part of Virginia!
    It is hard for me to truly rest too. I don't even like to watch TV without doing something. I think anxiety makes it more difficult to relax, even if we're not currently obsessing over something.
    I hope you get some down time!

  2. Down Time ... what is that?? I think that I have heard of it once, a very very long time ago but I believe it to be a myth, like unicorns and fairies :)

  3. Wow! What beautiful pictures! I'd love to have a place like that to walk. {SIGH}

    UGH! I think holidays really flare up the anxiety. So many triggers, so much to do. I just had a discussion with Rachel about the house actually becoming toxic, my biggest trigger, when I can't relax, but just look around and see all that needs to be done. She insists I find a way to get out of the house on those occasions. I'm not sure how or where I'd go, but I'm supposed to develop a plan for those occasions. Perhaps, when you get to the point that you can't just relax, but instead look around at all that needs to be done, you could take a short walk along that beautiful canal. Step outside the setting that's reminding you of all those things. That would maybe give you a chance to unwind and relax without feeling like you should be doing something else at the same time.

  4. I'm glad you got a chance to get out of your house. It looks so beautiful there by the canal in the snow. We still don't have much here in Ontario. I'm impressed you can make a baby blanket that quickly. Can't wait to see pics!

  5. Kat, I agree. This time of the year it is just a breeding ground for anxiety. I want to be excited about the holidays but I am very nervous about seeing all of the family and having to be out and socialize .. which isn't my strong point!

    Karin, I am also impressed that I made a baby blanket so quickly, believe me, my hands are still tired from all of that needle work!
    I am originally from Ontario! woohoo :)

    My parents are saying that apparently it is looking like a green Christmas in Ontario this year, I am just worried that the mild weather will bring on another ice storm, like we had in 98, brrrr.

  6. I love this post and your sense of humor!

    Beautiful pictures!

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