Monday, 12 December 2011

Done, Done & Nearly Done - I have plans to leave the house today, lord have mercy!

Phew. This morning I have successfully completed putting together my homemade Christmas cards and wrote out the rest of the envelopes. Waiting for the glue insert to dry then I can put them in the allocated envelopes, add the stamp and here it goes - walk down to the postbox by the main road and post them! and to top it off, walk even further down to the post office and send the ones that need to go overseas since today is the last day that I can send them in hopes that they arrive on time! This is something that I need to do, not just so the cards arrive on time but as we all know, my struggles of leaving the house has kept me from doing things that I need to do and should have done ages ago and I need to get back to trying, even the best attempts can go wrong but how can I give myself credit if I don't try. Yes, I will panic, I will check that everything is off and that the windows that have not been opened are shut and that I have locked the door countless times. I will get into a panic when I leave the front door and I will feel hopeless after the 10 minutes it will take to get to the main road (it is a fair distance but panic + walking = speed walking which means I burn calories faster? well. There is a bright side to everything!)

I know that once I make it to the post office, which is about a 20 minute walk, maybe a bit longer depending on the traffic I will feel so proud of myself for getting there and then I will go back to feeling hopeless for the walk that I have to face to get home! but I know that once I reach my front door I will have the biggest smile on my face along with a sense of achievement and some much needed exhaustion! I am wired, completely wired! 3 weeks of ironing DONE! Dishes Done, housework - NEARLY DONE! woot woot.

I am going to nip into the grocery store on my way home, as I walk past it anyways and I am going to pick up the few things that I need to make a much loved holiday family recipe so I can get a start on this Christmas baking malarkey! Okay, now I need to say goodbye and log off and get a shower and attempt to leave the house while the rain is off! Phew!

Oh, and I had the oddest dream last night. I was back in my home town and the library that my mother used to take me to had closed down and was for sale and I was thinking about buying it but I came to the conclusion that we could not be as frugal living in Canada as what we are living in Scotland (and that is something that is important to me, even in my dreams where I could dream of having anything for goodness sake!) and that my home is in Scotland and I would miss it here more than I miss my hometown! What an odd dream!


  1. Oh, I am excited for you! I hope all goes well on your ventures today!

  2. Here's to a trip to the Post Office! Hoping all goes well and you burn off a lot of calories with that speed walking. ; ) {{{{VIRTUAL HUGS}}}

  3. Have a great walk to the post office. You can do it.

  4. Hope the walk and errands went well! And kudos to you for making holiday cards--how creative!


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