Thursday, 26 April 2012

It Is All Coming Along Nicely -Except for the main character, she is going through a hellish experience!

Alright. Slowly I am making progress with this book.
It is a long process and it is slightly painful when I indulge in writing about my own experiences and left watching this made up character going through what I go through and now I feel like a sadist, putting her through so much more than I and then exaggerated a hell of a lot. Some things that I have been writing has made me feel a tad sick to my stomach, I am not sure how well it will go down with readers.

But, thankfully I have people who are more than happy to read what I am writing and willing to be honest about what they think of it. I have to admit that my paranoia about people stealing my ideas has left me feeling well, paranoid about letting people read my work .. but there are a couple people that I am more than happy to let in on what is in these pages and I trust them completely, such a relief!

As for the word count, I don't know yet what my goal will be if any. Why drag out what could already be a good story just to fill some extra pages? Some of the best books that I have read aren't the 60,000 words and then some, count. You could have 50,000 meaningless words or 20,000 really good words .. I suppose the story will tell itself, no deadline, no rush .. it will be done when its done .. but here's hoping that working each and every day on it, it will soon be finished .. and then I will have a wee break with a cup of tea and start on the next book that I have in mind .. well, there are 2 other books that I already have in mind and they are already screaming out to me, 'WRITE ME, WRITE ME!'


  1. Maggie! You are a true writer if books are begging you to write them!

    Yes, your book will be done when it's done and the same for your others.

    Are you finding it therapeutic to write your story?

  2. Hey Maggie,

    I just nominated you for a sunshine award :-)

  3. I also love to write - I know how hard it is to try to have your characters go through tough times. I've no doubt, however, that it is a good way to process difficult experiences. I write fiction, though, so I can crank that happy ending way up if I want to :) Keep at it, and I'm sure you'll have your story/novella/novel or whatever it wants to be, very soon! Don't let those other books in your head distract you yet :)
    Adventures in Anxiety Land

  4. As long as the experiences have merit or are necessary to the story, it shouldn't be a problem.... Rowling said she needed to apologize for all the stuff she put her main character, Harry, thru! Glad you're having fun writing... that's much better than thinking about ocd 24/7.

  5. Thank you Elizabeth for the nomination!

    I don't know when I will get the time to take on the task of it though but I will give it a try!

    Thank you Blue and Karin!

    It is enjoyable to write away and use this illness for something that can hopefully turn into something half decent!


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