Tuesday, 28 August 2012

14 Days in a Row! Yep! I did it :)

Alright, I remember you, Blog, and you better remember me. Please don't have abandonment issues after  my up and leaving without a sign or a word of return.


I am somewhat in a non foul mood these days. Nick had been off for his two weeks holidays and I had 14 days in a row oot and aboot and on the 15th day the sinus infection had slowed me right down to a halt -who goes there-

14 days in a row was a wonderful thing and today is not so wonderful with it being back to on my own with the voices but on a somewhat bright side I am just dying to get outside today. I have felt this urge to just go out for a walk since this morning when my lungs were being coughed up but instead I had a rest and then got up and washed myself and the house and here I am still feeling this need to get out and it is bloody WONDERFUL!

I don't know how long it will last for but I will for sure take advantage of it, especially with Autumn arriving and making coffee taste better than ever and knitted sweaters cosier than ever. I think that I will throw my hair up into something that wont get blown about everywhere and grab the camera and get out of here and meet the hubby from the station, he would be rather surprised to see me standing at the platform :)

You know that feeling, when the depression lifts? That is what it feels like and I know it comes and goes and for that I just cannot not take advantage of it. I expect that soon the black dog will be back, I wish that it was possible to lock the beast out and let it find another to torture!