Monday, 14 May 2012

A Year - A Whole Year Indeed!

Well, here I am a year later! I mean, having this blog for a whole year .. not that I have been away for a year, that would just be silly and odd considering all of my posts in the last year.

I started this blog last May and I have to say that I am glad that I did.

I wanted to go through my years worth of posts to see how I have managed during the year where I started to openly talk and write about my issues with my own mental health and I have to say, it you are reading this and wondering if you should maybe do the same, DO IT!

The bad days I am learning from and the good days that are in print are a relief to read during the days where you forget that you have even had such luck to have had even just one day of goodness!

At the moment I am terrible with my blog, I feel like I am being stretched like a stretch armstrong doll! Oh how I love those but I hate feeling like I should be everywhere at once and not even being in any of those places that I should and want to be and yes yes I know I know its silly, I try to tell myself to just calm down and one step, one stretch and one day at a time but somehow in my ill ridden mind it is a 'go go go' with no no no energy!

Most days everything but the housework is neglected and other days the housework is done and fresh bread is gracing the oven and I have even wrote a thousand or two thousand words towards this hopefully could be a great story, not that the word count matters so as long the story is a good one but I am pretty happy with myself for the effort that I am putting into this not to mention being able to put my worst thoughts on paper or computer screen and let a made up character do it all for me instead ... but sometimes I just cannot write certain things or I have to delete rows and rows of things out of fear of well, you know .. oh I just can't even finish saying that thought.


Another thousandish words on word and an update on my blog, I think it is time to get ready for bed, its almost 11pm, eek! That is getting late for me and I have to keep a routine even though I badly want to stay up until 4am to write away .. but I know that wouldn't be fair on my husband, having the entire bed to himself .. having to stretch out and not have any blankets stolen during the night!

To all of my readers, thank you for being so lovely and supportive xx